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11 Things To Expect When Dating A Strong Woman


All men love a strong woman!

Dating a strong woman is not for the faint-of-heart. These are women who start meaningful careers (that’s a deserving topic in itself!). They raise polite and adorable children. They pull off simple dinner parties and holiday feasts. Their finances are in order, and on top of all that, they always look amazing. These women are the strongest link in the family chain. Look around and you’ll be able to spot them in an instant. They’re the ones going places and the ones you secretly kind of envy.

Plenty of guys claim to prefer relationships with strong women, but are they really up for the challenge? It’s hard to keep pace with a woman on-the-move. Any man lucky enough to be chosen by one of these women better hang on- because he’s in for a life-changing experience. Take a look at what a man should expect when a strong woman comes into his life. Do #4 at your own risk!

Tina Fey

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