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3 Cute and Funny Stories About Childhood “First Loves”


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Not many people wind up married to their elementary-school or middle-school crush, but many of us have fond memories of our “first loves.” Maybe we only held hands or maybe we even got so far as a peck on the cheek. Maybe all you did was call him your “boyfriend” and giggle with your friends every time he passed you by in the hall. Learning about other people’s first love stories can make you laugh and cringe at the same time.

Seeing Love Where It Isn’t

Pre-teens often look for meaning in the simplest of gestures. You’re not quite mature enough to understand that kindness doesn’t always equal flirting. One YouTuber explains that she carried a torch for a boy for three years, even after he started dating someone. With every text, she was sure he was flirting just because he talked to her at all. She even posted cryptic, poetic social media posts about how much she was in love and how deep her love hurt. When she decided to end it, she posted about how she was “over” him and he could never have her – even though he probably never wanted her in the first place.

The Surprise Kiss

Some first love stories don’t properly end, which can cause confusion for both parties. One YouTuber told about falling in love with a new girl on a school trip and bonding over Pokémon games for several years. They often talked on the phone when they couldn’t see each other, but one summer they just stopped talking. When they got back to school, the guy thought it was over and started pursuing another girl, only for his previous “girlfriend” to walk right up to him in class and kiss him in front of everyone.

The Girl Becoming the “Girl He Wants”

Talk about a relationship that progressed slowly. One YouTuber told the story of her first pre-teen love, who asked for her phone number and then proceeded to talk with her by phone only for several months – even though they lived in the same area. When they finally got together, they had a terrible first date. But the guy insisted they give it another try since “first dates are always terrible.” They hung out and called each other for over a year and almost exchanged a kiss, but the girl chickened out. Then, when the guy called one day to say it would be their last date because she wasn’t the type of girl he wanted, she spent the whole date trying to be someone else – someone he’d want. At the end of the date, he told her he’d already moved on and had begun dating someone else but promised he’d date her again if it didn’t work out. (They never dated again.)

It’s amazing how much more important childhood loves can seem when living it. Sometimes it felt like you could never love again after you went your separate ways. Now, those first love stories are fun to remember and can give you some perspective on your own problems. Whatever is stressing you out the most right now, remember that you used to think the world began and ended with your childhood crush – and you got through that just fine.

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