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3 Hilariously Embarrassing Stories about Meeting a Partner’s Parents


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Mother-in-law jokes are a classic because so many people can relate to them. If you’re lucky, you’ll feel accepted and loved by your in-laws or your partner’s parents. However, not everyone is that fortunate, as tensions often rise when jealous parents don’t want their grown “babies” with a partner. Whether you get along with your partner’s parents or not, your first meeting can often color the relationship. Hopefully, it wasn’t as embarrassingly bad as these.

The Nightgown Extended Family Ambush

One young woman described meeting a boyfriend of one month’s extended family as an “ambush.” The couple set up a date to go canoeing, and her boyfriend took her to his mom’s lakehouse, where the older woman answered the door in a skin-tight nightgown. The mom made them some coffee, only speaking to her son and ignoring the girlfriend, not even asking her name—at one point even accidentally flashing her. When the couple went for a walk, they got back to the lakehouse, only to find his step-dad, grandparents, sister, and her kids all there—and everyone ignored the new girl. The boyfriend did insist to his sister that he wanted to marry the girlfriend, even though they’d barely been dating more than a few weeks. They broke up shortly thereafter.

The Dad Was My Ex-Boss

One man reported that he had finally freed himself from a nightmare job, gladly taking a pay cut to get out of a tech job that demanded long work hours and almost gave him an ulcer. The worst part of the job was a boss who didn’t seem to think that his workers should have a life outside of the company. The man told this boss off when he quit. Feeling more confident than he had in ages, the man started dating, hitting it off with a woman who invited him to meet her parents a few months after they got together. Eager to make a good impression, the man dressed up and put a smile on his face as he walked into the restaurant where they were about to meet her parents. The smile fell when he realized he was dining with his former boss. The boss told him off and walked out on the dinner.

I Dated the Dad

One woman had been on the dating scene for what seemed like ages before she finally found someone she could picture herself settling down with. Four months after they started dating, her boyfriend invited her to meet his dad and new, much younger step-mom. Imagine the woman’s surprise when she walked in to find out her boyfriend’s dad was one of her bad blind dates from the year prior.

A bad first meeting doesn’t necessarily set a precedent for a terrible relationship with your partner’s parents, but it certainly doesn’t help. If the parents are likeable people, hopefully you can all laugh it off in the years to come. That is, assuming those parents raised a likeable person you stay in a relationship with in the long term.

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