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3 Poor Grooming Habits Women Find Unattractive


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No one is asking for perfection in terms of appearance, but some basic hygiene practices can easily mean the difference between success and disaster on a date. So put a little bit of effort into your grooming, whether you’re headed out on a promising first date or a night out with your long-time sweetheart. Avoid these three poor grooming habits to make sure she doesn’t secretly (or not-so-secretly) cringe every time you meet.

Nose Hair

While men can get away with being covered in hair from head to toe (in fact, some women find it a turn on), there’s one place where women don’t like to see voluminous hair on a guy: coming out the nose. Invest in a nose hair trimmer and use it a couple of times a week to keep your nostrils trimmed. Get close to a mirror to really see because you don’t want your date to be the first to notice when that hair gets out of control. Also, consider watching for excess ear hair if you’re older and it’s starting to sprout. Keep it trimmed so it’s not visible.

Rough Hands

While rough skin is often associated with masculinity, many women actually don’t enjoy the touch of rough, calloused hands on their own hands (or elsewhere on their bodies), especially considering the time and money they invest in keeping their own skin soft and smooth. While you can’t always avoid rough hands entirely depending on your hobbies and occupation, you can work to combat the unpleasant roughness. Invest in an unscented hand cream (which is heavier than lotion so it’s better at moisturizing) and put it on your hands in the morning and at night and after every hand washing. If your hands are especially rough, slather the hands in cream and wear gloves to bed every night for a few weeks until they soften.

Bad Breath

Make sure your sweetie doesn’t want to throw up when you lean in for a smooch. Bad breath must be avoided! Brush your teeth twice a day to start, but also use mouthwash and keep gum or mints on you so you can pop them into your mouth throughout the day. Be especially cognizant of this after meals and don’t plan to eat foods with strong odors, such as onions, tuna, or garlic, without brushing your teeth again before cuddling up with your date.

You could be the kindest, most gentlemanly man and still not impress your date because of small grooming habits you’ve overlooked. You likely already know to take a shower at least once a day (more often if you work out or sweat on the job); so now just add these smaller grooming habits into your day. Your date will be more likely to swoon.

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