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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Date Laugh


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Most people are looking for a sense of humor in their dates, and it’s natural to get nervous before a night out. You may be thinking that you’ll be under a spotlight and expected to “entertain the crowd,” or more accurately, your date. However, remember that your date is in the same position and that making your date laugh isn’t the same as being a regular class clown. In fact, too many attempts at humor can backfire, making your date think you’re not serious at all or that you’re downright annoying. Practice simple ways of making your date laugh and you’ll both have a great time.

Talk About Something Fun

You may instinctively want to show your date how informed and intelligent you are by bringing up something in the news or talking about politics and philosophy. However, you spend most of your day being serious at work. Your date wants to relax and have a good time. If you must talk about something serious, be sure to bring up something fun as well. If you talk about something that your date is passionate about– a TV show or a sports game, for example – there’s bound to be a moment where she smiles and laughs, thinking of how much joy that thing brings her.

Tell an Embarrassing Story

“Knock knock” jokes don’t usually work beyond the second grade, and most other long-form jokes are dirty or dull, the former of which is not appropriate in the beginning stages of your dating experience and the latter of which causes uncomfortable silence. What’s more likely to make a person laugh is an embarrassing story – preferably one that’s cute (like when you were a kid) and not dirty or related to a bad dating experience. Telling a story of this nature will not only make your date laugh, but it’ll show her how open you are and make her feel more at ease around you.

Take a Risk

Doing something unexpected – especially putting yourself out there – can make someone laugh because it’s so outrageous. If there’s a karaoke machine at the bar, sing a song, no matter how poorly you may be able to carry a tune. If there’s a dance floor, get up there and cut a rug. (just don’t pressure your date to join you if she doesn’t seem comfortable). Make sure you walk that fine line between being obnoxious and don’t work your magic outside of societal decorum. Shouting in the middle of a restaurant or dancing on a fountain that displays a sign asking people to keep off it are examples of stunts that are more embarrassing than charming.

A sense of humor means you don’t always take life so seriously – it doesn’t mean you have to crack a joke a minute. Simple actions can make your date laugh throughout the day. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be funny and you’ll both naturally have a good time.

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