4 Adorable Foreign Celebrity Couples You Probably Haven’t Heard of

4 Adorable Foreign Celebrity Couples You Probably Haven’t Heard of



Gossip rags exist because a sizeable portion of society adores hearing about the latest celebrity heartaches and romances. Celebrities almost seem to exist in an alternate reality where glitz and glamour are part of everyday life. Many celebrity gossip fans love rooted for their favorite famous couples, and even feel genuinely sad when those couples brake up.

With the exception of Americans, who also follow British tabloids, many people stick to their own country’s most famous celebrity pairs. Learn more about some of the most well-known celebrity couples from other countries and maybe you’ll become a fan of the movies, TV shows, and songs they’re best known for back home.

Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada

Married since 2012, prolific Japanese actor, Shun Oguri, and Japanese model, singer, and actress, Yu Yamada, are among Japan’s most talked-about celebrity sweethearts. Oguri, who’s been acting since he was 13 years old, has won a number of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards in Japan, and is very well-known for his role as one of the leads in Hana Yori Dango (“Boys Over Flowers”). He was known as a bachelor playboy “co-star killer” until he wed Yamada, who models for fashion magazines. Gossip rags in Japan report that Oguri hasn’t quit his playboy ways even after marriage and two kids, fans love the couple, nonetheless.

Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Gaytan

Mexican actress and singer, Bibi Gaytán has been married to fellow Mexican singer and actor, Eduardo Capetillo, since 1994. The two of them have made Mexican celebrity headlines for over two decades. Gaytán, who debuted in a telenovela that co-starred Ricky Martin in 1991, took a break from acting in 1998 to raise her five children. She returned every few years for telenovela roles. The two met when they were both members of Timbiriche, a pop-rock band with revolving members that was hot in the 80s and 90s.

Bi Rain and Kim Tae-Hee

Since 2012, Kim Tae Hee, one of South Korea’s most famous actresses, has been hooked up with Bi Rain—a K-Pop star so famous he’s gone on tour around the world and was voted one of TIME Magazine’s most influential people in 2006. They surprised their fans with a marriage announcement just three days before their wedding in January 2017. Fans and gossip rags have been so eager to hear wedding bells for these two that reports of a secret wedding made the tabloids on four separate occasions. Bi Rain finally assured his fans that he and Kim would make an announcement once they actually married. Kim has won numerous Best Actress Awards in South Korea and is best known internationally for her spy action thriller TV series Iris. Kim’s and Rain’s parents are said to get along great, and rumor has it that Rain converted to Catholicism so he could marry Kim in a Catholic ceremony.

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan

Taiwanese singer and songwriter, Jay Chou, became a music superstar when his debut album released in 2000. He also made countless headlines when he started dating a Taiwanese model and actress named Hannah Quinlivan, who was 18 years his junior. She met him when she was just 14 years old—when he was already a star and offered financial backing to a clothing store where she worked—but they didn’t start dating until 2010 when she turned 18. The two dodged paparazzi for years, but photos eventually surfaced in 2014 after they publicly tied the knot with a lavish UK wedding planned by Sarah Haywood. They have one child and another on the way. There was some controversy a few years ago when Chou forbade his wife from taking on any acting roles that would require her to kiss, be in bed with, or even hold hands with a co-star, but Chou claims it’s only fair since he holds himself to the same standards for his occasional acting roles.

Foreign movies and TV shows are often available through legal subscription-based and ad-based free content streamers, and YouTube often has foreign music videos available for free. Learn a bit about the most famous romantic couples in other countries and you may find yourself celebrating their highs and feeling sad about their lows just like you do with the couples you’re more familiar with.

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