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4 Former Teen Celebrities Who Grew Up Even More Attractive


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If you’re like most people, chances are you had crushes on teen celebrities when you were about the same age. With Disney and Nickelodeon channel sitcoms, blockbuster movies, and musical acts, there was plenty of entertainment aimed at the adolescent generation starring charming young people. Now that you’ve grown up, so have your old favorite stars. You may be surprised to find that a number of them are more attractive than ever.

Matthew Lewis

The Harry Potter franchise’s bumbling nerd Neville Longbottom, played by Matthew Lewis through all eight movies, originally seemed to be casted perfectly. As he grew, he lost some of his baby fat but retained most of his awkwardness, looking too tall and skinny for his frame. Come the final movie, though, he’d aged into a fine young specimen and in the years since the franchise ended, he’s gotten ripped and posed for sexy topless photos that made author J.K. Rowling blush. He’s not as well known these days, but he’s still acting and does public appearances to celebrate Harry Potter.

Alexa Vega

Best known for her role as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids films, Alexa Vega had the smart and sassy big sister role down pat for four movies in the franchise. This capable young woman grew up to continue acting, although none of her roles are as well known as her Spy Kids launch to fame. They are, however, more seductive in nature, considering she’s grown up to be so attractive. Perhaps owing her good looks to her model mother, Alexa PenaVega (now her legal surname) eventually married fellow former teen actor Carlos Pena Jr.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Active in the entertainment industry since he was seven years old, Joseph Gordon-Levitt hasn’t really faded from the public subconscious, always maintaining that B-level of fame and popping up from time to time in various TV shows and movies. Awkward, long-haired, and hip to 90s fashion as a child, Gordon-Levitt has outgrown his Third Rock from the Sun years and has become a buff adult who dresses in a dapper fashion whenever in the public eye.

Ariana Grande

Originally a Broadway actress, Ariana Grande burst into the television scene as nerd character Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon teen dramas Victorious and Sam and Cat. _These days, g_orgeous Ariana Grande is better known for her popstar megahits and eye-catching fashion choices. She’s currently dating rapper Mac Miller.

While some teen celebrities are famous for the long haul, most fade away and devote themselves to other careers when they’re no longer marketable to the young adult audience that formed the bulk of their fan bases. It’s fun to check in with them from time to time and see how well they’ve aged. With good genes and access to Hollywood beauty secrets, quite a few of them become even more attractive in their adult years.

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