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4 Hilarious First Date Snafus


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First dates make even the most confident person nervous. You have to sell “you” in a few short hours to a total stranger and you have to convince the person to commit to spending more time with you while you’re a nervous wreck. At the same time, your date may be a total bore whom you can’t wait to get away from. All this anxiety is a recipe for disaster. After a while, though, you can look back at these crazy dates and laugh. If any of this sounds familiar to you, you’ll definitely feel a pang of sympathy for those who’ve experienced some hilarious first date snafus.

It’s No Stranger…

More than one dater with a bad first date experience has reported that the problem boils down to their blind date being no stranger at all. Take the guy who was enjoying watching his date make a homemade meal for him – only to see her sister, whom he made out with several weeks earlier – walk in and give him a judging look.

Getting Sick

When you’re as nervous as most people are for a first date, you’re at greater risk of getting sick. Add some alcohol or some fancy foods your body isn’t used to and voila, you might be puking in your date’s car. (Or, if you’re somewhat luckier, out the car door.) However, getting (mildly) sick in front of a date can be pretty funny when it’s not happening to you – or even in retrospect when enough time has passed so you’re not that embarrassed anymore.

The Know-It-All

If you’ve ever been with a date who practically doesn’t let you open your mouth, you know what it’s like to have a date with a know-it-all. Perhaps she tries to show off her foreign language skills by correcting your pronunciation of something on the menu. Maybe he won’t shut up about an obscure bit of history he knows that has nothing to do with anything. Few things are as bad as the man who droned on and on about a historical figure who had recently had a book published about him – to the woman who wrote the book. (He never realized she already knew more about the figure than he did.)

The Animal Lover

A date who loves animals can prove a kind, caring partner. A date who brings his pets on the first date could probably stand to spend some time away from his furry friend. Sure, there’s the guy who might bring a dog to a date at the park – although until he’s sure you like dogs, it’s probably best not to bring a canine along. However, what’s really hilarious is the hamster lover who brings a hamster or two in her purse or pocket. That’s actually happened to at least one person on a first date.

Learn to laugh at your bad first dates and you’ll feel less daunted about hitting the date scene again in the future. Everyone has some date horror stories. If you’re open to laughing at yourself or the situations in which you find yourself, you’ll make for a better date when you finally meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

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