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5 of the Most Romantic Song Quotes of All Time




Whether you’re a musician looking for the perfect song with which to woo your sweetheart or just want to set the perfect background music while you enjoy a quiet evening together, knowing a few of the most romantic songs can certainly help you set the mood. Familiarizing yourself with songs that have moved people for years or even generations is how to find the ones that have meaning to you. Be sure to listen to music outside of your normal preferences when looking for the right tune. Need some help? Look no further. These quotes are ideal for tattoos, cards, wedding vows and declarations of love.

“When You Love Someone”

A line from Bryan Adam’s 1997 hit song “When You Love Someone,” goes: “You’ll shoot the moon / Put out the sun / When you love someone.” It shows the extremes to which someone will go when madly in love. Of course, neither action is literally possible, yet the line is indicative of the things you think are possible when you feel that rush of endorphins from either puppy love or a quiet romantic interlude in a long-lasting romance. It also shows how much you’ll risk – the very existence of life itself, since the Earth would be lost without the moon or sun.

“All You Need Is Love”

Even when not singing romantic ballads, The Beatles serenaded their way into the hearts of countless fans around the world. They have many wistful and upbeat songs about love, but the 1967 popular song “All You Need Is Love” is perhaps one of the most succinct and catchy tunes about romance. “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done / Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung / Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game / It’s easy / All you need is love.” These words show how love is something all people share and something all people can achieve, even if they don’t feel overly romantic. All you need, simply, is love and that’s enough.

“At Last”

Etta James’ 1960 R&B/soul song “At Last” conveys the joy of finding true love beautifully: “At last my love has come along / My lonely days are over / And life is like a song.” If your sweetheart was responsible for taking you out of a dark period of your life in which you felt alone – or if he or she is the first partner you’ve ever had who’s made you feel happy and not alone in a relationship, woo him or her with these words.


Nat King Cole’s 1951 signature song (and the re-mix version his daughter, Natalie Cole, released in 1991) “Unforgettable” is exactly as unforgettable once you’ve heard it as the title suggests. “Unforgettable in every way / And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay / That’s why, darling, it’s incredible / That someone so unforgettable / Thinks that I am unforgettable too.” These lyrics demonstrate the give-and-take of relationships and the way love can make you see your sweetheart through a magical lens no one else can. You think your significant other is beautiful and incredible – and he or she thinks the same of you, even though you don’t think you’re worthy of such an incredible person.

“’Tis the Last Rose of Summer”

You’ll have to go back to the 19th century to find the origin of the haunting melody “’Tis the Last Rose of Summer,” with lyrics lifted from an 1805 Thomas Moore poem. “So soon may I follow, / When friendships decay, / And from Love’s shining circle / The gems drop away. / When true hearts lie wither’d, / And fond ones are flown, / Oh ! who would inhabit / This bleak world alone.” The song uses a rose withering – the last rose at the end of the warmest season of the year – as a metaphor for love. The poet makes it clear how hard it is to go on after losing the one you love, as he vows to fall “soon” after the rose withers away.

This list is just a tiny start when it comes to unearthing romantic quotes in some of the best songs of all time. Songs that mean something to you and your sweetheart can prove even more effective than songs that are popular with the masses. Think back to music that played during your first date, your wedding, or during a special slow dance the two of you shared and quote from that song whenever you want to put a smile on your significant other’s face.

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