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7 Things To Know About Dating a Capricorn


7 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier When Dating a Capricorn (#5 is a given!)

1. Take it slow. Real slow.

Capricorns are historically busy people. They like to fill their calendars with countless things to do and commit to a myriad of obligations. This, unlike some signs, makes Capricorns at ease and gives them a sense of normalcy. Anything sporadic and out of the box will catch your Capricorn off guard and they won’t like it. Capricorns are creatures of habit and because of this you must approach them slowly, especially when introducing new plans or ideas. Believe me, dating a Capricorn means taking your time.

I'll Take Care of You

2. Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush.

To the above mentioned statement, Capricorns are busy people! They have a lot on their mind and are always processing things so that they can prepare for the next step. Because of this, they have little time to decipher or wonder about what you truly mean to say. They don’t like “ummms, and wells,”. They prefer, “I think,” or “I believe”. A Capricorn is moving forward. If you’re moving in any other direction, keep it moving.

Get to the point!

Some people like to be courted. Do you?

3. Hardy har harrr! Liking a Good Laugh.

Since Capricorns are often so overwhelmed with all of their tasks and hobbies, they can find it difficult to find time to embrace humor. Therefore, anyone who has enough talent to distract them from their everyday hustle with a laugh is going to score major points in their book. You don’t have to be Bernie Mac or George Carlin – you just have to lighten up and make your lover chuckle.

Julia Roberts Cracking Up

What’s the funniest thing a date has ever said to you?

4. Dress to impress, not to depress.

Capricorns, in the vein of being hard workers, are often on their P’s and Q’s when it comes to looking nice. It’s because they’re used to this. They’ve had to look presentable every step of the way when attaining their goals, so why should they expect any less from you? If you can’t bring the bass, then a Capricorn is probably not interesting in maintaining any kind of relationship. They want an equal!

Two debonair men

Dating a Capricorn will definitely increase your fashion sense!

5. Don’t grab me or my crotch in public!

As much as Capricorns like to be taken out of their element [with enough warning of course], they are not paragons of outward affection. In fact, they would prefer you to keep it subtle without all the sappiness. A Capricorn is a much bigger fan of the innuendo or slight suggestion. Sticking your tongue down their throat in public will get you nowhere except in the dumps.
Seduce me galore.

Kissing in public

Does PDA bother you?

6. Put in the extra effort.

Ok, so Capricorns are generally stoic beings according to the astrologic position of the moon, which doesn’t mean that they don’t like fun, however it may mean that it’ll take a bit more to get through to them or to turn them on. There’s no denying that you will have to work a little bit harder to get a Capricorn to reveal themselves sexually. However, it is more times than not, well worth the wait.

Working for Love

7. Traditions are paramount.

Do not expect a Capricorn to drop their drawers and get down on the first night. Do you think that they’ve worked this hard just to fall for someone this easily? As previously mentioned, it takes a lot to win a Capricorn over and scoring on the first night is not the way to their heart. You must prove yourself and more often than not, the way to do this is to take on the traditional steps of courting. In the age of Tinder and Grindr we may have forgotten what this means exactly, but it generally starts with asking someone out on a date, and kissing them before sleeping together.

Belle and the Beast. Belle wasn't afraid of dating a capricorn.

After reading this, could you still see yourself dating a Capricorn?

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