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How to Add Spice to Your Vacation When the Kids Are Along



When you only have so many opportunities in any given year to take off work, and only so much money in your travel budget, you don’t often want to deny your children the opportunity to travel alongside you. However, you’ll have fewer opportunities for intimate and romantic moments with the around. Luckily, there are ways to add spice to your relationship even while focusing most of the trip on family fun—it just takes some balancing.

Find a Kids-Only Activity

Most vacation destinations have kids activities; if you’re not headed to a theme park, where the kids’ activities are countless, even just a hotel or resort will have kids’ sports, crafting, or free play available. If you’re at a budget hotel, look for a day care center or kids’ activity nearby. If camping, consider bringing another adult along to watch the kids in their own tent or lead them on their own activity for a few hours. Use that time to focus on your partner or spouse. Sign up for an adults-only activity like wine tasting or visiting a museum. Go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, or order room service. Go swimming together, or simply spend the time alone inside your room. As long as you spend most of the trip with your kids and keep them entertained, they won’t mind at all.

Make Plans After Bed

If your kids are old enough, consider getting two connected rooms with a door for privacy so you can have a few hours with each other after the kids have gone to bed. Order room service, rent a movie and play some romantic music. Certain hotels offer special turn-down services with flowers, chocolates, and wine to help get you both in the mood. If you know your kids have trouble sleeping and might walk in, position something that will fall over when someone pushes the door open so you have a moment to compose yourselves.

Find Small Moments Throughout the Day

Hold hands as you explore what your vacation destination has to offer. Give each other quick pecks, even if the kids are watching. When the kids are on a ride, steal away for a moment and share a hug. A change of scenery and time spent together throughout the day when you’re usually separate can make all the difference.

If it seems too difficult to incorporate romance into a family vacation, or you have so much fun you wish you had more time alone together, consider having a staycation or a simple weekend getaway in the future. With grandparents or aunts and uncles watching the kids for a few days, you’re free to enjoy a day trip or a weekend getaway with your spouse or partner. Time alone is the most essential ingredient to a little romance, even if you’re on a tight budget.

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