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How a Little Bedroom Redecorating Can Liven Up Your Sex Life





A crucial part of a great sex life is setting the mood. Wining, dining and crooning sweet nothings into your lover’s ear are all foreplay favorites, but the setting can have as much of a role in your level of arousal as anything you wear or do to try to get your partner into the mood. Whether you’re moving all furniture out of your bedroom to give it a complete makeover from scratch, or you want a quick fix to lend a little more romantic ambiance to your relationship, adjusting even a few things in your bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to reinvigorating your sex life.

The Color Scheme

There’s a reason why you don’t often see bedrooms in neon yellow. Colors absolutely have a role in your mood, and the more time you spend in a room, the more important it is to take the color scheme of the décor into consideration. Many houses default to white walls and white or brown flooring—neutral colors that make you calm. Swap the fresh-white linen look of the typical bedroom for something more sensuous. Colors known to stimulate passion include red, pink, and even black, when paired with red. Royal purple or light lavender colors can also stimulate passion. If you’re not bold enough to paint the walls yet (or you’re unable to because of rental agreements), consider using these colors for your bedding and other décor.

The Bed

While you don’t always have to make love in your bed, it’s likely to be the site of many encounters. The bed is the first item in your bedroom that deserves your attention. If possible, choose a romantic, alluring bed frame. You’d be surprised how much more romantic your partner will find a canopy bed, for example, compared to a metal bed frame without a headboard. At the very least, choose a headboard that complements your chosen color scheme and buy soft bedding in romantic colors that you practically sink into. When you’re expecting an encounter, drop rose petals over the sheets to help set the mood.

The Wall Art

While some people may be bold enough to hang paintings and photos of nude people to stimulate their senses, your wall art choices needn’t be quite so to-the-point to get you and your partner in the mood – unless you prefer them that way. Some examples of romantic photos and paintings to hang include:

  • Romantic, scenic landscapes—places like beaches, sunsets, winter wonderlands, and forests where you could imagine cuddling with your partner and taking in the view
  • Couples in love at all the stages of courtship
  • Abstract art in passionate colors such as reds and pinks
  • Flowers, particularly the flowers of love, like roses, asters and azaleas


It’s not exactly romantic to make love under a simple overhead light bulb. While some passionate moments happen in the morning as the sunlight streams through the window, many more happen under the fiery cover of night. Add a dimmer switch so you don’t have to be fumbling entirely in the dark and choose lighting fixtures that add a touch of elegance and romance.

Cater to All the Senses

Redecorating the room primarily caters to one’s sense of vision, but there are more senses that play a role in igniting passion than just the visuals. In your room, focus on scent and sound to complete the package. For sound, set up a speaker system and pick a romantic playlist of songs in advance. You might consider investing in a noise machine that makes a romantic sound, like the waves of an ocean or a rainfall and play it softer in the background or in lieu of the music. For scents, lighting a candle can also heighten the mood, but there are also scent diffusers and sachets you can place around the room. Vanilla, rose, and sandalwood scents are among the most popular aphrodisiacs, although you might also try jasmine, vetiver or neroli.

Even if you live in a studio apartment or you have a roommate, focusing on the small area around your bed will still make a big difference when it comes to the intensity and frequency of your sex life. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re playing the field, spend the time today to give your bedroom a romantic makeover and reap the benefits for years to come.

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