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Best Kardashian Quotes About Love (#18’s so true!)


We know they live fabulously, but these Kardashian quotes show they love fabulously too!

Who’s up first?

Kim K.

The reigning queen of cool, we all hang on Kim’s every word. And her family? Fashion, lifestyle, fame … the Kardashians know how to do it up! But, one area we can’t overlook is love. From Caitlyn and Kris’ split, to Scott and Kourtney’s drama, to Khloe’s earnest search for a soulmate (Kim has finally found hers!), the Kardashian family has seen their share of heartbreak. Despite it all, they still embrace an ideal love, one that fulfills and sustains their souls. And why shouldn’t they? They deserve to love and be loved just like any of the rest of us. Check out their thoughts on love, romance and dating in these sincere Kardashian quotes about love. Kourtney has her head on straight when it comes to prioritizing marriage. She know that the bond is about more than just a ceremony or piece of paper. Of all the Kardashian quotes on this list, Kourtneys are some of the most poignant.

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