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The Best ‘You Are Not the Father!’ Moments from Maury


youtube.comYou’re looking for sheer popcorn-popping entertainment when you watch Maury. Life is messy, and guests on the Maury talk show certainly attest to that. One of Maury Povich’s most popular segments is “Who’s the Daddy?” He offers DNA testing to determine whether a deadbeat ex or a current husband or boyfriend is the father of a woman’s child. The volatile relationships are always contentious and the potential dads never want to believe they could be the fathers – mostly because they don’t want to be saddled with child support or they suspect their significant others of cheating. They’re wrong a lot of the time, but there have been some memorable moments when the man is vindicated and finds out he’s not the father after all.

Having a Hissy Fit

Showboating and dancing are among the most popular moves among both the mothers and maybe-baby-daddies do during the “Who’s the Daddy?” segment. Men are often jubilant when they’re proven not to be the fathers, but few can match the child-like tantrum one mother threw when it was revealed that her ex was no relation to her child. As her ex danced as though he’d just scored a touchdown, she ran backstage and actually threw herself on the ground and pounded her hands and feet against the hard floor. Let’s hope her kid wasn’t watching.

Sobbing into a Couch

Running backstage is actually a popular reaction from the mothers who learn that their exes aren’t the fathers after all – perhaps to get away from the men’s jubilant gloating. One woman screamed bloody murder the instant she learned the truth, running backstage and tackling the couch she found there. She spent the next few minutes screaming that she “knew” he wasn’t the father all along – which she wasn’t happy with – as she tightly clutched one of the couch cushions.

The Audience High-Five

The fights get worse when the ex has a new girlfriend or wife who joins in on the bragging or fighting. In one case, the new woman took over the job of screaming at the mother while the ex jogged up and down the aisles of the audience, getting high-fives as if he’d accomplished something of great importance.

The Three-Time Charm

Sometimes it’s not even exes who are battling over the paternity of their children. One segment showcased a couple with three children. The father suspected one or more of the kids weren’t his, but he found out – one at a time, to riotous roars from the audience with each reveal – that none of “his” three children were actually his. “I did what I had to do,” he boasted, “but now I’m a free man!”

The Twin Shocker

While his ex walked around insisting it wasn’t possible, one man jumped for joy after learning one of his twin kids wasn’t his after all. In rare circumstances, it’s possible for two different men to father fraternal twins with the same woman, proving the mother’s affair.

Let Maury’s “Who’s the Daddy?” moments be a lesson on how not to let your relationships devolve into fisticuffs and how to break up with dignity. If your ex refuses to take responsibility for your children, you absolutely should fight tooth and nail to make him step up to the plate, but national TV might not be the best place to take up the fight – especially on the off chance that he isn’t really the father of your child after all.

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