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Best TV Couples of all Time


Let’s face it: our television shows are at the heart of our everyday routines, and some of the best TV shows have the best TV couples. The “Debatable” video offers a host of amazing TV couples, including Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill, but its list is by no means exhaustive. We run down a list of couples we think it should have included.


Meredith Grey and McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy

This relationship is set up from the very first episode of the hospital drama and lasts years and years. That is until one of them dies in one of the later seasons (spoilers!) Derek and Meredith weather the highs and lows of a workplace romance until she proposes to him with her iconic “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” speech.

Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World

The romance starts in childhood and lasts through the years until the couple gets married. Plus, it sets a great example for young women: Topanga first kisses Corey, and Topanga proposes to Corey, as well. Then their show got a spinoff in Girl Meets World, featuring Corey and Topanga’s daughter!

Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother

They start the show together and end the show together — plus a baby! Their love is strong and unwavering and is a wonderful anchor in the show while Ted goes on his love-hunt. They are a loving and nurturing couple, and even though the show is a comedy, they face some real trials and tribulations together, particularly toward the end of the series when the couple has to negotiate the murky territory of prioritizing passion, career, or family.

Claire Fraser and Jamie Fraser from Outlander

This Scottish epic (based on a series of books by writer, Diana Gabaldon) puts the love story front and center. The pair gets married before they fall in love, but their relationship grows, and it quickly becomes clear that they are made for each other. “Outlander” is another show that features a strong central female character, and a man in a strong supportive role.

Coach Taylor and Tammy Taylor from Friday Night Lights

The realistic couple stole the hearts and minds of the football fanbase for this show. Tammy is Coach Taylor’s best friend, as well as his partner. She willingly prioritizes his career until it’s her turn, and then he shows her the same courtesy. They raise an amazing child together and are the epitome of #RelationshipGoals.

David and Keith from Six Feet Under

They’re on again, off again, as David tries to figure out his sexuality and be comfortable in his skin. When they’re on, they’re on, and they end up together. In the series finale — one of the greatest episodes in all of television history — we see how each character dies. Just before David passes away, he has a vision of Keith, young and alive, and that’s the last thing he ever sees. It’s totally swoon-worthy!

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