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It’s Not A Bird Or A Plane, That’s Wonder Woman!


Jessie Graff crushes the American Ninja Warrior course dressed as Wonder Woman!

American Ninja Warrior, in case you’ve been living in a bubble since 2009, is a fierce competition that pits incredible athletes against nearly impossible challenges. Much of the competition involves climbing and balancing, which quickly separates the amateurs from the pros. The obstacles are so challenging that only a handful of the hundreds of contestants who enter make it all the way to the end. Some say winning would take super powers. Enter Jessie Graff!

This super-powered athlete and stuntwoman held nothing back this week when she took the top spot among female competitors … all while wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. Her finesse and strength catapulted her to the top, or maybe it was the superhero outfit, either way, this girl’s got some moves!

Born in NYC in 1984, Graff has been involved in athletic competition her whole life. She has multiple belts and sashes from various marital arts. She was a champion polevaulter and competitive gymnast. Plus, she’s been in some of your favorite movies: X-Men First Class, Iron Man 2, Bridesmaids, and even The Dark Knight (just to name a few!). Don’t forget her TV resume: The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and Modern Family grace the list.

Her stunt work keeps her busy, but her passion is competition. Make sure to cheer her on this season as she strives to take home the top prize!


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