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Boyfriend’s Epic Proposal Video!


This guy has his romancegoals down!

Ladies, if you’ve ever been engaged you’ve been asked this question: How did he propose? 

Most old-schoolers out there (anyone over 30 or so, let’s say), the answers are probably all pretty similar. Nice restaurant, he wore a tie, got down on one knee … blah blah blah! Boring!!!

Meet Gavin and Clara. When someone asks Clara how Gavin proposed, she’s going to have a way better story to tell.

Gavin spent the better part of their relationship digitally documenting their time together. He was faithful to capture at least a little video on a regular basis so he could do something amazing.

Gavin took a bunch of those moments and created a video timeline. Filled with brief glimpses into their daily life, this montage brings quite a smile to an unsuspecting Clara, who has no idea how the video is going to end.

Proposals have come a long way in the last decades. Technology and social media changed the proposal game forever. I suspect we’ll be seeing much fewer traditional ‘down-on-one-knee’ proposals, and many more like this one.

Go ahead and try and watch this without feeling a rush of joy! These two have something special and it’s our luck they chose to share it with the world!

It does make you wonder about how long he knew she was the one. I mean, did he know from the first time he was her she was the woman he wanted to marry? Or did this idea come later and he purposed existing video for the proposal video? Ah, who cares! This is so sweet!


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