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Celebrity Romances You Thought Would Last But Didn’t


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There’s something about celebrity romances that intrigue virtually every romantic at heart. Whether the couple engages in constant public declarations of affection or keeps it mysterious and low-key, the details of their love leaking to the public in bits and pieces, it’s tantalizing to behold. When a couple seems perfectly suited for one another, it can give the general public hope and faith in love. That’s why it’s all the more upsetting when a celebrity couple you thought would last breaks up.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie called it quits after more than a decade together in a relationship that originally shocked the world because of Pitt’s immediately previous divorce from Jennifer Anniston. Together, Brangelina had six children and made promises not to marry until marriage equality was the law of the land – and then eventually did tie the knot. They weathered Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy and together campaigned for charitable causes around the world. When Jolie suddenly broke it off, accusing Pitt of emotional child abuse toward their eldest child – a charge he was later cleared of – celebrity romance fans couldn’t believe they’d lasted so long only to fall apart.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

After years of notoriously playing the field and writing songs about her many heartbreaks, Taylor Swift seemed to have finally settled down after crossing paths with British DJ Calvin Harris. The couple was together for over a year, a long time considering Swift’s history. However, the relationship ended explosively in the early summer of 2016, a month after Swift first met actor Tom Hiddelston at a charitable event. Immediately therefore, “Hiddelswift” became the “it” couple of the summer. Initially friendly to each other online, Harris eventually went on a social media rant about the breakup (despite sources saying he was the initiator) and how quickly Swift entered into another relationship. By the end of the summer, though, even Swift and Hiddelston went their separate ways.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Global-singer-superstar turned award-winning-actress Lady Gaga and actor/model Taylor Kinney were an item for five years and even got engaged in February 2015. Citing the struggles of a long-distance romance and busy work lives, the couple called it quits in summer 2016. In an interview, Lady Gaga explained that she believed women loved deeper and more wholesomely than men, seeming to allude to what may have gone wrong in the relationship.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Nothing much memorable came from Andrew Garfield’s brief turn as Spider-Man, but the chemistry between him and Emma Stone (playing Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy) made those movies shine. The on-screen adorable couple continued their romance off-screen for four years, and Stone was quoted this year as saying she still loves him very much but that it just didn’t work out.

While celebrity romances might seem larger than life, it’s still just about two people – and like a relationship of any two people, they have the potential to last or to end in heartbreak. Even if couples you thought would last later call it quits, consider the quieter celebrity couples that don’t make the headlines so often because they’re still together after years or even decades.

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