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Craziest Romantic Superstitions From Around the World



The video above details a list of interesting superstitions from across the globe. Like how it’s considered bad luck in Korea to write a name in red ink, or how the Irish believe that if your nose itches, you’re about to get into a fight. In Brazil, it’s bad luck to let a purse touch the floor, and in China you should never leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice. But here is a list of fascinating romance superstitions that you may have never heard of before.

Don’t Give Your Russian Lover an Even Number of Roses

In Russia, there is a long-standing tradition of handing out an even number of roses at funerals, so make sure that you stick to odd numbers when you’re bringing flowers to your paramour. Otherwise, they are apt to think that your relationship is doomed from the start.

Brides Cry in China

There is a Chinese custom that says that a bride-to-be should start crying between two weeks to a month before her wedding day. It is said that the more she cries, the happier the marriage will be. Perhaps that is because she goes into the marriage all cried out!

In Egypt, However, Brides Cry On the Wedding Day

And that’s because there is a tradition there that states that it’s good luck to pinch the bride on the day she gets married. It’s strange that none of these traditions seem to have much to do with the groom!

Underwater Dreams Spell Big Changes for Your Nearest and Dearest

In Africa, it is said that if you dream of fish, you or someone close to you is pregnant. Usually, it is your closest friend.

No Children? Try the Crocodile Pool

If you’re having problems conceiving, there is a crocodile-filled pool in Gambia that could help you out. Tradition claims that the Kachikally Crocodile Pool is filled with fertility magic. But also crocodiles.

Watch for Those Moles

In Korea, if your partner has a mole or a beauty mark near their mouth, it is believed that they will be unfaithful.

And America Has a Few of its Own Quirky Romance Superstitions as Well

It is said that if you can touch your elbow with your tongue, you will never find the person of your dreams. And in Texas, tradition states that if you count 50 white horses before falling asleep, the next man with whom you shake hands is the man you will marry.

There are a number of other superstitions, the origins of which are unknown. For example, it is said that if you twist an apple stem while saying the letters of the alphabet, the letter you land on when the steam breaks off is the first letter of the name of the person you will marry. It is also said that if you start a quilt, you will not be married until you finish it, and that a bride should never look at herself in the mirror while she is wearing her veil: if she does, the match will be an unhappy one. But chances are that your luck is what you make of it, and none of these superstitions will have an impact one way or the other. Still: better safe than sorry!

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