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Guys: Don’t Be Like Leonardo DiCaprio!


Here’s to me!

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the world’s biggest stars. This confirmed bachelor loves his freedom, as you can see by the trail of romantic conquests he leaves in his wake. Even his pal, Jimmy Kimmel, made light of the whole situation one evening when he jokingly (not so jokingly) said that Leo’s slept with a different Victoria’s Secret model every night of the week since 1991! Of course, Kimmel was having a little fun with Leo. Although, there’s some precedent to the joke.

Leo’s been romantically tied to numerous Victoria’s Secret models, plenty of supermodels, heaps of ‘normal’ models, and throngs of plain ol’ girls. He recently made waves when a former lover broke her silence to a friend who gave us all the dish we’ve been dying to hear.

According to the unnamed source, Leo was completely content letting her do the heavy lifting. In fact, he put on a pair of headphones and proceeded to vape while she was on top doing all the work.

Bad Leo! Bad!

Now, as much as I’d like to hook up with Leo, I think I’d probably be pretty upset if he did this to me. In fact, I’d probably freak out on him! Especially since it’s pretty well known that he’s not vaping tobacco! He just lays there, smoking til he’s out of his head, and the poor girl is essentially left emotionally and physically abandoned. Not cool, Leo, not cool!

Some people think this is no big deal but it is. Socially speaking, it’s another reminder of a woman’s role in our male dominated hetero-patriarchy. Women are viewed as objects of pleasure and status, rather than equals. Just take a look at the sexual proclivities of the powerful and you’ll start to see a pattern emerge. JFK, Hugh Hefner, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Wilt Chamberlain, Jack Nicholson … I could go on and on and on, but you get the point.

So society is doomed, but what about your own relationship? How would you feel if your own partner was this insensitive in bed? Probably pretty pissed off! A loving and caring partner knows that sex is about more than just their enjoyment. They understand how important it is for both parties (or all, I don’t know how you swing) to feel emotionally and physically connected; that it isn’t over until they’ve both had a ‘successful conclusion.’

So what do you do if your partner is a selfish lover? Simple: Speak Up! Say something. Tell them you’re unsatisfied with the current situation and ask them to make a change. Insist on more involvement from them. Let them know how disappointment it is to feel like you’re only their to please them. Explain your own needs and desires. If you’re with the right partner, they’ll listen to your concerns and work together with you to reach a place of mutual enjoyment.

Be like this Leo!

A healthy sex life is vital to a successful relationship. An inattentive and less-than-present sexual partner is definitely not part of a healthy sexual relationship.

C’mon guys, you know you can do better!


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