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How to Get Out of a Bad Date


Bad dates: We’ve all been on them. It’s difficult for most polite people to leave a date without a word (and potentially stick their date with the bill) but some times, it just isn’t worth the trouble to stick around, either. The best thing to do is not go on bad dates in the first place (which means better screening of potential dates from the get-go). The next best thing is to arrange for a first date to be as short as possible (a cup of coffee instead of a dinner and a movie). Barring that, you basically have two choices for getting out of a bad date: Lie or Tell the Truth



In this video, Gabby describes a very awkward internet date that was not going as well as she’d hoped. She enlisted the help of a friend to get her out of it. This is a common technique: text a friend to call you, and then feign some sort of an emergency. This is so common that most people will be able to see right through it. If you go the extra step and change your friend’s name in your contact list to “Mom” or a sibling’s name, you’ll be more able to sell the emergency plot.


Tell the Truth

Eliot Chang has a very straightforward suggestion for getting out of a bad date: Tell the truth! If you’re on a bad date, chances are the other person on the date also has the sense that this is not a match made in heaven. If you remain polite, respectful, and tactful, there is nothing wrong with stating that you don’t want to waste each other’s time. You are well within your rights to say to someone, “Hey, I really appreciate taking the time to get to know you, but I don’t think we’re meant to date. I think we should go our separate ways, so best of luck to you.” This might be hugely refreshing for someone. They may even feel relieved that you said it, first!


There’s an App for That

With an app called TIYO (This Is Your Out) you can set up a call in advance to get you out of a myriad of awkward situations. This is still a lie, but it’s an elegant one that will save your date from embarrassment.

Bad dates aren’t the end of the world (although they can feel that way, particularly if it’s one in a string of bad dates) and it’s important to remember that “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” So it’s nice to know there are tactful, respectful methods for extricating yourself from a date-gone-bad.

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