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Halloween-Themed Wedding Ideas


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As evidenced by the above video, all you really need is a flair for the dramatic and some imagination to have a totally beautiful, dynamic, and spooky Halloween-themed wedding. If you are recently engaged, and fall is your favorite time of year, this could be the style idea that solves all of your wedding planning woes. From a black wedding gown to a ghostly grey wedding cake, here are some of the best ideas for your Halloween-themed wedding.

Set the tone with the invitation. From something as simple and elegant as a laser-cut cover piece that looks like black lace, to something more dramatic like a fake severed finger in a little box, let your guests know what to expect from the instant they receive the invite. Halloween-themed weddings can be casual or formal, so make sure that your invitation reflects the tone of your unique event.

Carry a dramatic bouquet. You could opt for fall-themed floral arrangements or something funky like a button and brooch bouquet from an Etsy crafter. Regardless, you don’t need to feel limited to the traditional bouquet of lilies or roses for your Halloween wedding.

Find a gown that speaks to you. And remember, it doesn’t have to be white. Find something in foggy grey or vampire red or a design of black and purple–whatever color fits your theme and the larger idea of your Halloween extravaganza. And remember that your stylistic choices extend to your entire bridal party, so why not put your bridesmaids in black sequins, or your flower girl in red tulle?

Get creative with the ring bearer. You could have the ring bearer carry the rings in a satin-lined coffin box, or on the end of a severed finger. A fake one, of course.

Entertain guests with a Halloween-themed photo booth. Photo booths are all the rage, so why not spice yours up with some spooky-styled props? Black cats, owls, witch hats, and other props can make your photo booth into a fun costume center for all of your guests.

Spice up your centerpieces. Using pumpkins, gourds, and black flowers can be a great way to keep your centerpieces in line with your Halloween-inspired reception. Decorate them with macabre paraphernalia and you will have a beautiful piece of art for your guests to enjoy at each table.

Make use of candlelight. Candles are a cheap and easy way to set a mood. Candelabras are am especially good choice for a Halloween-themed wedding as they invoke a haunted mansion feel.

Don’t shy away from creepy-crawlies. From bats to spiders, you can use these little embellishments in a variety of ways. Put a silver spider on your napkins for a little spooky flair.

Regardless of how you proceed, you are sure to inspire each of your guests to get into the spirit of the holiday with your Halloween-themed wedding.

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