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Heartwarming Military Reunions to Make You Cry at Your Desk


Seriously, go get some tissues!

We are often told how difficult it is to be on active duty in the military. There are scores of articles written on the atrocities of war and on how our VA is failing our returning soldiers and sailors. But something that is talked about considerably less is the impact these long — and often dangerous — deployments have on families nationwide. Military spouses are tough, capable men and women who support our troops in a way that most of us can’t even imagine: by allowing their heartstrings to stretch across time and space until their loved ones come home. Here are some videos that will remind you of the love and struggle in a military family.

Source: youtube.com

In this sweet video, a woman gets herself and her young daughter ready to meet her husband after a seven-month deployment. When they finally see each other again, they kiss like two magnets coming together. It’s so lovely, and the little girl is in an adorable red, white, and blue tutu!

Source: youtube.com

This one is so special because it happened on the Ellen show. It’s cute because Ellen pretends as though she’s gotten Jessica’s husband on a live feed from Afghanistan, but when there are sound problems, Ellen gets up to see if she can fix the problem, only to end up standing right beside the soldier. His wife, of course, bursts into tears. The wall opens and the two are reunited to cheers from the studio audience.

Source: youtube.com

This is another reunion video from a television show. Host Steve Harvey invited a military family onto the show, and the husband and wife were both in the military themselves. Their sons joined up as well, and when one of their sons walks out onto the stage, they are both overcome with excitement at seeing him.

Source: youtube.com

In this video, a soldier is recording himself on his way to surprise his fiancé. They hadn’t seen each other in nine months, and he enlisted the help of his best friend to capture the moment. When they see one another, they rush toward each other and embrace. Even though he thought his soldier might be coming home early, he was still surprised to see him.

Source: youtube.com

This is another Ellen video, and it’s particularly heartwarming because it’s during a Christmas Giveaway episode. In this video, Ellen plays a video message from a deployed military man to his wife. And when Ellen said that he’d sent a gift to her, the wall opened and the man himself appeared.

It can be so easy to forget that being active duty military means so much more than putting your life on the line in service to your country. It also means being away from friends, family, and loved ones — away from the lives you have vowed to protect. But these reunion videos remind us how loved and supported our members of the military really are.

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