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How To Hide A Workplace Romance


No Stephen, this is not about me and you!

So you got yourself a little hookup at work, huh? What to do, what to do? If you don’t want everyone finding out there’s some simple rules to follow to keep everything on the hush. These five tips will save you the embarrassment and possible career problems that could come from having your affair exposed.

1. Go Slow!

Whether this is a casual hookup or something you want to take further, don’t rush into things. Besides, the flirty buildup is often more rewarding than the actual physical relationship. Take your time and make sure that this is what you really want. You have to consider your career too, so be careful! Rushing into a workplace romance will more than likely result in broken hearts, decreased productivity, or even termination!

2. Consult Your Employee Manual!

You might be surprised to learn that your company could care less if two of their employees are dating. Or, you might learnt that it’s grounds for termination. Make sure to learn the rules before rushing into an office romance! If you have a comfortable relationship with your immediate supervisors, bring it up with them and find out how they feel. Basically, protect yourself first and foremost. Don’t sacrifice a career for a little booty!

3. No Hanky-Panky In The Office!

What?!? What’s the point of having an office romance if the office is off limits! It’s the classic forbidden fruit scenario. You only want it because you know you’re not supposed to have it. Face it, if things were different, if you met this person outside of work, would you still feel the urge to hookup? Try dating a bit outside the office first, then see how you feel. Just don’t go getting caught in the copy room with your pants down!

4. Stay Cool!

Googly eyes and awkward innuendo isn’t the best way to keep things quiet. On the other hand, you don’t want to avoid your crush altogether. Keep things status quo. If you didn’t eat lunch together before hooking up, don’t start eating lunch together five times a week. Maintain the same boundaries you had previously to keep your coworkers in the dark!

5. Maintain Your Productivity!

If your work output suddenly drops dramatically, then your boss might notice and start looking for reasons why. Rather than messaging back and forth all morning with your crush, do your normal workload. Don’t take a two-hour lunch and not hit your daily goals. Basically, you want everything to be like it was prior to hooking up with your coworker. Diminishing productivity is a big red flag that something’s going on!

6. Keep It Safe!

Yes, I’m talking about safe sex! But I’m also talking about career safety and emotional safety. Be honest with yourself, this is most likely just a casual thing. Don’t go into it expecting marriage and kids. If that happens, awesome, but it probably won’t. Take it as it comes and always consider your own long-term needs first!

Oh yeah, safety can also mean secrecy! Don’t go blabbing to anyone you’re not 100% sure you can trust. 100%!!! You know how juicy rumors tend to fly pretty fast, so keep a lid on things!

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