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The Most Important Phrases to Learn When in Love with Someone Who Speaks Another Language



Love transcends cultures and even languages when the two people involved work at it. However, a language barrier presents a huge obstacle early in the relationship, especially when you aren’t sure just how interested the other person is nor how committed you might wind up being. Even if your significant other or crush speaks your language, learning his language will prove a romantic gesture. Start with a few key phrases for the most impact.

“I Love You.”

This might be obvious, but the most romantic and endearing phrase you can say in any language is “I love you.” The phrase can be a refrain, something you repeat every time you meet and part from your loved one. Of course, if you’re new to the relationship or you’re just confessing your feelings, that phrase might be a bit too much too soon. Instead, you might look up “I like you,” “I think I’m falling in love with you,” or “I have a crush on you.”

“Do You Want to Go on a Date with Me?”

Learning how to ask someone out on a date is an excellent idea regardless of the stage of your relationship, whether it’s the first time you’re making your feelings known or the hundredth time you’re going out together. In the case of the former, learn not just the translated phrase, but also study any cultural differences when it comes to asking someone out for the first time. The last thing you want to do is commit some unintentional faux pas that could cause someone who might otherwise be interested in you to decline your offer. Or laugh at you.

“You’re Beautiful/Handsome/Gorgeous.”

While you don’t want your crush or significant other to think you like him only for his looks, it’s useful to learn how to say you find someone attractive, especially when you pair the phrase with other things you like about the person, such as his sense of humor, his charity, his kindness, or his intelligence. Bring out the “you’re beautiful” phrase on a date, after you’ve already expressed your interest in the person and explained all of the other ways you find your date attractive. Look up specific ways to express this, too, such as “you have a gorgeous smile” or “you have lovely eyes.”

Use an online translator or ask native speakers to help you find the way to express these phrases correctly so you can romance your crush or significant other well. This effort not only shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to express your feelings, but it also might make one of her dreams come true – to hear those special words in the language she grew up speaking. Eventually, you should consider learning to speak her language more fluently; for now, though, these phrases will do.

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