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Why Do Men and Women Cheat?


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Did you know that adultery is still considered a felony in five states here in the U.S.? Yep, according to this video series from Business Insider, it’s still considered a felony to cheat on your spouse in Michigan, Idaho, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. And yet, cheating is still a fairly common practice. Men and women cheat for different reasons.

Why Men Cheat

The primary reason cited for why men cheat is emotional dissatisfaction. Men are more sensitive than many people ever give them credit for, and if they feel like they aren’t being supported by their partner, they will look for emotional support elsewhere.

An interesting fact that the Business Insider video revealed was that 77 percent of the men who cheated reported that they were friends with other cheaters, citing that they felt enabled by their community to not only cheat on their partners, but to get away with the infidelity.

But men aren’t just cheating on their spouses and partners willy-nilly — 68 percent of men who cheat indicated that they felt guilty after having done so. This is directly related to the fact that cheating is less about sex for men than initially thought. While attraction certainly plays a part, 88 percent of men reported that the women they cheated on their partners with were less attractive than their partners.

Why Women Cheat

Source: youtube.com

According to the National Opinion Research Center, women are 40 percent more likely to cheat than they were 20 years ago. The biggest reason that women cheat is due to sexual infrequency. Non-cheating women indicated that they were having sex with their partners an average of 10 times per month, or more, while the cheaters indicated that they were intimate with their partners five times or fewer per month.

Another reason cited to explain why women cheat was a lack of communication. The women who were not looking for sex outside of their partnership indicated that they spent at least 30 to 60 minutes a day talking to their partner, while the cheaters reported that they spent only a handful of minutes each day talking to theirs.

Another interesting statistic: 34 percent of women who cheated reported that they were happy in their relationship, indicating that 66 percent of women who cheated were unhappy. It stands to reason that the less happy a woman was in her relationship, the more likely she was to cheat. but what’s interesting is that this does not seem to apply to men. In fact, 56 percent of men who cheated indicated that they were happy in their relationships. This goes to show that men and women cheat for vastly different reasons.

Regardless of the specific reasons and statistics, infidelity can usually be boiled down to a lack of intimacy. Whether that means physical or emotional intimacy, the best way to keep you and your partner happy and engaged with one another is to work to keep that intimacy alive.

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