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How to Recreate a Celebrity Romance with Your Partner




Today it’s Hiddleswift, yesterday it was Brangelina. Celebrity romances are nothing new – the gossip rags have been interested in them since practically the moment actors, models and singers began to permeate popular culture. There’s something alluring about two fabulously wealthy people who have it all dodging the flashes of cameras and the hordes of fans to steal a quiet moment alone in the shadows. While you and your loved one may never give rise to a household power couple name, you can recreate a bit of that celebrity romance appeal in your own relationship.

Dress Up on a Regular Basis

While there are always paparazzi shots of celebs without makeup in fancy sweatsuits parading around town, the real appeal of these celebrity couples is that they’re like modern-day royalty. They get to hit the red carpet and look absolutely fabulous. They visit the most expensive restaurants in town – the kind that require a tie and jacket. You may only have one restaurant that qualifies as “fine dining” where you’re from and maybe the last time you saw someone dress up was for senior prom, but make a point of being different. Buy clothes that look like a million bucks even if you can just afford to spend a few dozen. Go out to eat in your finest. Take a stroll along the beachfront or a park. Go dancing. Get off the sofa and away from the TV at least once a week. The experience will boost your confidence and ensure you both have an amazing time.

Engage in Philanthropic Efforts

Many celebrity couples last about as long as your first-grade first love did, but there are quite a few that stay together or married for decades. Mid-century movie stars Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were married 50 years before he passed in 2008, for example. What do these power couples who last have in common? Many use their wealth and influence to help others as a couple. For example, Newman and his family launched a food company that donates a portion of proceeds to charitable causes. You may not have thousands of spare dollars burning a hole in your pocket, but you and your loved one can give to others in your own way. Volunteer together at local charities, giving your time when you can’t afford to give your money. Organize your own drives and awareness events. Think of yourselves as a celebrity couple in a photo op doing good for the community.

Arrange a Photo Shoot

Photos are how the masses get access to celebrity couples most often – in little snippets of them holding hands on the red carpet or snatching a kiss from one another when they don’t think they’re being watched. While no paparazzi may be interested in what Mr. and Mrs. Jones from Idaho do after work and dropping off the kids at their after-school activities, you can pretend. Arrange for a professional photographer to capture images of the two of you happy and in love. Dress up like celebrities or simply aim for photos that are like a snapshot into your lives, a small slice of what it is to be in your world. Share these photos with friends and treasure them for years to come.

Seize the Day

Celebrities often don’t have time to socialize between movie and photo shoots and album recordings. They treasure every spare moment they have to let loose and have fun – and that’s something you and your loved one can learn from, too. You may be busy, but you can grab your spouse’s arm and pull her into a darkened hallway to share a deep kiss. You can rub each other’s feet on a quiet evening in front of the fireplace or take a moment to hold hands on the rocks in front of the ocean or a lake and enjoy the peacefulness of the waters. Think of every moment together as precious, and you’ll realize why celebrities look so in love in those stolen photos – because they usually don’t get to see each other every day.

Roleplay can add some zest to your relationship, whether you’re literally pretending to be a celebrity power couple or you’re simply acting like a duo that needs to snatch at every moment of privacy like they’re rare jewels. Bring a little of the celebrity romance flavor into your relationship, and you’ll not only have a lot of fun, you’ll feel your attraction for one another grow even deeper. Remember that not every celebrity couple fizzles, and aim to make yours one of the instances of true love that stands the test of time.

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