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How to Romance Your Partner When You’re Both Busy



Everyone’s busy. Sometimes it takes all of the energy you have simply to get to work and run your errands each day. The last thing you want to do is go out or try to romance your partner when you’re ready to snooze almost as soon as you hit the couch. However, if you don’t tend to your relationship, you may grow apart. If you want your romance to last, you have to be an active participant in making sure your spouse or partner feels appreciated – and the same goes for your mate.

Schedule in Time

You don’t feel like you have any time to yourself, let alone time for your relationship. But there are hours each day when you watch TV or run errands or otherwise commit to other people outside of work. Cut back on everything beyond work and taking care of other requirements throughout your day in order to schedule a date with your partner. Even if you can only manage once a week, you’ll find the time spent in each other’s company – with no distractions such as the TV, smartphones or tablets – truly worth the effort. You may even start with a date scheduled just once a week and find them so worthwhile, you’ll find time to schedule in more.

If you’re really strapped for time, you don’t even have to leave the house or go very far. Take a walk around your neighborhood together. Go for a bike ride. Sit on your back porch and watch the sunset. If it’s cold outside, cuddle by the fire or simply take turns cooking a gourmet meal for one another each week and decorate the table with candles. You don’t have to do a lot or spend a lot to woo the one you love.

Make Small Gestures

Romance doesn’t have to entail a thousand-dollar necklace and a bouquet of red roses. Once you’ve gotten to the point where you’re simply too busy to spend as much time with your loved one as you might like, you’re already past the puppy stage of love. Remind your partner how much you care by making small gestures. Write a hand-written note telling her you love her and tuck it into her purse or lunch bag. Pick some fresh flowers from your garden. Bake him some cookies to take with him on a business trip. Send a text during the day with an attachment of your favorite song. Whatever you can do to let your mate know you’re thinking of him even when you’re both apart will help him get through his own busy day with a smile.

Meet for Lunch

If you both work the same shifts and have lunch at the same time, meet for lunch if you’re within commuting distance of one another and you find it feasible. Being able to embrace your partner for just a short while in the middle of your work day can provide you with a boost in energy you’ll need to get through the rest of the afternoon. If you work different shifts or you’re too far apart from one another to meet for lunch, enjoy your lunch with your phone in front of you as you video chat with your spouse and provide each other with a much-needed pick-me-up even when you’re far apart.

Balancing Different Work Shifts

Not every couple is fortunate enough to have the same hours each day and days each week off from work. If you’re asleep while your partner works and vice versa, it can seem like you never see each other at all. In that case, make use of any single hour of free time you have that overlaps. If one’s at work just as the other wakes up back home, video chat with each other during your next short break or lunch break. If you have only one day off together, but you don’t want to mess up one of your sleep schedules entirely, meet halfway. One of you gets up a little earlier while the other delays going to bed for the same amount of time so you can finally spend time in each other’s company.

The key to making a relationship last is to make time for your partner, even when you’re busy. You don’t have to make grand gestures on a daily basis to sweep your loved one off of her feet. Even small gestures of romance can ease stress for you both and actually make you feel less busy and overwhelmed. Choose happiness even when you’re exhausted by making the love of your life’s day a little brighter.

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