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These Romantic Proposal Videos Hit Me Right in the Feels!


It can be so easy to become cynical about love and marriage, particularly when you start to consider how deeply entrenched our culture is in the wedding industrial complex. But it’s hard not to melt like butter in a frying pan when you see some of these adorably romantic marriage proposal videos. Sure, you might know that the entire diamond engagement ring thing was the greatest ad campaign in history, but I challenge you not to tear up when these guys get down on one knee and present the rings to their future spouses. It’s true: These videos hit me right in the feels.


I’m obsessed with how inventive this guy got with his proposal—he created an entire video game for his lucky lady. She played through a series of levels as an adorable kawaii version of herself, and when she got to the end of the final level, the song that his grandfather played when he proposed to his grandmother was playing. Harkening back to Super Mario Brothers, the screen faded to black and the text read, “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!” That’s when he got down on one knee and presented the ring. This guy scores major points for creativity! The girl gets points for her mad gaming skills.


In the wake of the horrific slaughter at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the gay community has rallied, celebrating pride with even more colorful ebullience than ever. In this video, a police officer marching in the London Pride parade breaks ranks to propose to his boyfriend, who is cheering along on the sidelines. They are met with shouts and cries of support—as well as an immediate champagne toast. This is a lovely proposal, made even more powerful and loving in the aftermath of such a ghastly shooting. Love wins.


I love this flash mob proposal so much, and for so many reasons. First, there’s a beautiful introduction by the groom where he talks about what a special woman his girlfriend is, including an adorable home video of when his four-year-old son proposed to his girlfriend. They had a little wedding in their living room. But I especially love when the groom nearly tips his hand during the beginning of the flash mob. “You told me you liked Grease,” he said, and she turned and said, “Did you do this?” “No!” he quickly replied. “No, it’s a flash mob.” But I think from there on, she knew. She got really nervous, and it was just all so sweet.


This video made me almost start to cry before I even clicked play because these two have known each other since childhood. They were always great friends, and after they started dating, he knew right away that she was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. What I really love about this guy is that he knew he was going to be videotaping the proposal, so he wanted to make sure he bought his lady some new clothes and got her hair and nails done for the performance, so she felt like the 10 she always was. But I lost it when he said, “I love you. You’re my queen. You are fearless. You’re my supreme protector.” This guy is a keeper.


We’ve all seen the Kiss Cam proposals at various sporting events, so much so that it’s put-down in romantic comedies as one of the more clichéd ways a person can propose. But what we don’t see too often is people getting down into the center of the court—or in this case, the ice—to propose. In this charming proposal video, a woman proposes to her girlfriend at a hockey game. First, she broadcasts a beautiful quote on the scoreboard: “My love for you is a journey that starts at Forever and ends at Never.” Then she joins her lady center ice and gets down on one knee, presenting the ring. When the proposal is accepted, the team mascot holds up a sign that reads, “She said yes!” and the crowd goes wild.

Even the deepest cynic won’t be able to deny how heartwarming these videos are. And yeah, okay, maybe weddings and diamond rings can get too pricey, but the love they represent is warm, true, and real.

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