4 Romantic Quotes from TV Shows

4 Romantic Quotes from TV Shows


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When we watch TV, we invite fictional characters into our lives. We get swept up in their drama and problems, and we invest ourselves in their romances. Since TV shows have so many hours to devote to character development, several episodes or even seasons can pass before we get to watch a big romantic payoff. When it does happen, though, it’s usually worth the wait. Here are some memories of the most romantic dialogue written for television.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is stuffed with romantic drama, and there are so many confessions, you could make a long list of romantic quotes from the show. When street-smart hacker Caleb confesses his feelings to Hanna, he says, “Most of my life I felt alone, even when I was with people. That was until I met you.” This is especially meaningful to Hanna because she has such low self-esteem, stemming from the fact that she was once overweight and she has friends who won’t let her forget it.

The Big Bang Theory

Total geek meets girl next door in the love story that is Leonard and Penny. The socially awkward nerd who lives across the hall from the pretty and popular girl are unlikely friends, let alone lovers. But Penny eventually sees Leonard differently and the two fall in love. At one point, Leonard tells her in his geekiest romantic style, “Penny, we are made of particles that have existed since the moment the universe began. I like to think those atoms traveled 14 billion years through time and space to create us so that we could be together and make each other whole.”

Boy Meets World

When protagonist Cory speaks of free-spirited Topanga during one episode, he says, “When I’m with her, I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything.” The couple get together in the third season of the show, although they face plenty of obstacles before they finally say “I do.” The relationship at the heart of the popular 90s sitcom Boy Meets World is so entrenched in pop culture that there was no question that the more recent sequel, Girl Meets World, would feature the couple in the future, happily married and with a child of their own.

Gossip Girl

There are plenty of romantic entanglements in the episodes of Gossip Girl. One of the most enduring and beloved relationships is between childhood friends Chuck and Blair, who go from barely acknowledging each other to passionately loving each other. At one point, Blair says to Chuck, “The true reason I should stay right where I am and not get in the car, three words, eight letters… Say it and I’m yours.”

Of course, the romances in your own favorite shows will mean the most to you. If the show has you rooting for a relationship, there’s bound to come a moment when one or both of the characters will say something that really tugs at your heartstrings. Treasure those moments and consider putting those quotes into your own vows and declarations to feel that romance again and again.

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