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5 Romantic Reasons to Keep Up with the Latest Celebrity Relationship News




Following the tabloids carries a bit of a social stigma. It’s a guilty pleasure to keep up with all the celebrity relationship news – so much so that you might keep under wraps your detailed knowledge of every guy Mariah Carey has ever dated. However, the paparazzi and PR agents and tabloid news stories wouldn’t provide so much information if there weren’t so many people interested in what they’re sharing. Stop feeling guilty! Instead, revel in your love for celebrity relationship news because there are actually a number of potentially romantic reasons to keep up the practice.

It’s Inspiring

A lot of celebrity relationship news focuses on specific outings couples have been seen making. For example, the Internet went wild when summer 2016’s It Couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were caught holding hands and making out on the rocks at a beach. Couples are also reported going to fancy restaurants, taking walks on the pier, and hanging out at theme parks – just to name a few typical outings. What does this all sound like? Inspiration for your own love life. Make your own romance as thrilling as a celebrity one by taking your cue from some of the most sensational celebrity couple dates caught on film.

It’s an Escape

From our perspective, celebrity romances are the stuff of fairy tales. Think of enduring classic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant. Even after they’re gone, people still know about their romantic lives and still worship them as legendary attractive people. There’s nothing wrong with having an escape from your everyday humdrum life between romantic outings with your sweetheart. Some people escape into movies or books; you can escape into the dramatic, fairy-tale world of celebrity couples. Having an active imagination makes you more creative. If it helps you get through the boring work day to peek at some celebrity headlines on your break, you’ll be in a happier frame of mind when you get off work and can cuddle up to your loved one with renewed vigor.

It Can Put You in “The Mood”

Having a major crush on a celebrity can get distracting if you spend too much time thinking about him, but if you’re simply attracted and not crossing the line into stalker behavior, you might find that thinking about him puts you in the mood to be more romantic with your own lover. While some fans get jealous when celebrities date or even marry someone, they know–deep down–that they were never going to be Mrs. Efron or the guy walking arm-in-arm down a red carpet with Rihanna. Thinking about your crush being happy and in love, though, can release feel-good endorphins and make you feel similarly. Either ask your sweetheart to role-play with you in the bedroom or simply keep those feel-good thoughts with you as you cuddle up to your significant other later that day.

It Adds a Touch of Glamour to Your Life

When your head is filled with the sordid affairs of the rich and famous, you start to carry yourself in a little more glamorous fashion. You imagine your own life walking down red carpets and throwing parties until dawn on your private yacht. Maybe you can’t afford much beyond dinner once a month at a fancy restaurant in town, but you can throw yourself into those moments entirely thanks to your love for celebrity romance. Dress to the nines and wow your date by looking like a local celebrity knockout. Capture that feeling of glamour and allure however you can in your own love life. Host your own fancy dinner at home, and stop feeling so trapped in your small-town life.

It Gives You Something to Talk About

You might find that the longer you’re with someone, the less you have to talk about. You’ve already told each other every funny story from your life pre-each other. What you have left amounts to current events and fun escapes, and celebrity romance fits both categories. Serious news topics are typically downers when you want to have fun. Gossip about fun things like whirlwind romances and unbelievable breakups to lighten the mood on your date.

When your sweetheart sees all of the romantic gestures you’re making as a result of your love for celebrity couple news, he’ll stop teasing you about your little “guilty pleasure.” There’s no reason to feel ashamed of escaping the mundane by imagining celebrities’ torrid affairs, especially when you can turn your knowledge into a real-life romance. Just be sure that you don’t let your fantasy life overwhelm the real relationship or dating life you have right in front of you.

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