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Share-Worthy Valentine Love Quotes


These Valentine love quotes will fill your heart to bursting!

Happy Valentine’s Day from RomanceGoals!

Valentine Love Quotes.

Every year on February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day. The tradition is one we’ve all grown up with, but it originally began as a day of feast in honor of Christian saint Valentinus and had none of the modern associations it does now. The idea of connecting the day with romantic love came about in the Middle Ages and has since grown into the holiday we all know today. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, fuzzy teddy bears, and an infinite stream of red roses now demonstrate our dedication and love. Don’t forget about the cards. It was so fun writing out and sealing our Valentine’s Day cards back in elementary school. Now you can recreate that feeling again. Enjoy these Valentine love quotes then share them with your bae, family, and friends.

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