Tarot: The Love Spread & How to Read It

Tarot: The Love Spread & How to Read It


Romance can be confusing and sometimes even stressful. From not knowing what your partner is thinking to planning for the future, sometimes you just want answers. Tarot cards can provide you with the meaning you’re looking for. A tarot card deck typically has around 78 cards, each of which has an illustration. During a tarot card reading, you select the cards to be placed in a particular spread. The cards are then interpreted based on their position in the spread. If you’re looking for some insight into your love life, try a reading of your love spread. The video below shows this type of reading by Daily Tarot Girl. Through the love spread reading, you can gain insight into the physical relationship, mental connection, emotional connection, and the future between you and your partner.

source: youtube.com

Physical Connection

The first card in the love spread represents your physical relationship. As the reading in the video shows, cards that are often interpreted to represent turmoil, like The Tower, can instead be indicative of a strong and passionate physical relationship in this position.

Mental Connection

This card can tell you a lot about how well you and your partner communicate with each other. In the video, a Nine of Swords is drawn for the mental connection card. The Nine of Swords symbolizes worry and anxiety. Despite the positive physical connection reading, the appearnace of the card means that communication could be improved. According to Daily Tarot Girl, if you draw a card with a negative connotation, you can always draw another to offer further explanation or advice.

Emotional and Spiritual Connection

The next card in the spread sheds light on the strength of the emotional and spiritual connection between you and your partner. Positive cards are those that indicate intimacy, fulfillment, and abundance. As is evident in the example reading, you can have a negative card in part of the spread and still have a positive reading otherwise. Therefore, it’s possible to have a strong connection with your partner and struggle with communication. Daily Tarot Girl recommends looking to your more positive cards when you want to solve problems in your relationship.

Long-Term Potential

The final card at the top of the spread represents the future of your relationship. While the tumultuous Tower was a positive card to draw for the physical connection card, it would probably be interpreted negatively in this final position.

It’s important to keep in mind that tarot cards have a long history and there are many ways to read spreads. In fact, the more simplistic reading isn’t the only possible love spread. Some spreads include more cards or give insight into different facets of the relationship. Depending on the specificity you want, you might want to explore different spreads.

For a more accurate reading, try reading different books on tarot or have your cards read by a professional! Tarot cards can be a great way to gain insight into your romantic relationship and life in general.

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