10 Things All Successful Relationships Need


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There is no magic recipe to cook up the perfect relationship. Furthermore, no two relationships are ever going to be the same. But there are some commonalities that all truly successful relationships share that go above and beyond the willingness of two adults to nurture what they have between them. Here is a look at the top ten most essential elements that all successful relationships have.

  1. Consistent, kind communication. Communication is essential to almost every facet of life, but nowhere is it more vital than it is in your closest interpersonal relationships. In a romantic relationship, kind, open communication is absolutely vital for continued longevity. Without the ability to express your own wants and needs, and to graciously listen to the wants and needs of your partner, you may find yourself constantly on different pages. But all the talking in the world isn’t going to do you any good if you aren’t kind.
  2. Learn how to disagree graciously. Fights are going to happen. When you spend extensive amounts of time with any single individual, you are bound to butt heads every now and again. But if you learn to maintain that kindness of communication even through your fights, you’ll truly be a step ahead. Equally important is being able to create a safe space for disagreements to happen. If your partner is afraid you’re going to throw in the towel whenever things get a little rough, true thoughts and feelings may never be fully expressed.
  3. Enjoy the little things. When you choose a romantic partner, you’re choosing the person with whom you want to share your life. And life is more than the rigors of day-to-day life. You need to make sure that you find time to enjoy one another, even for just a moment, every single day that you spend together.
  4. Share what you learn with your partner. As you go through life, you will continue to earn and grow. The hope is that you will grow in the same direction as your partner. And one way in which you can ensure that your growth is in the same general direction is if you share what you’ve learned with the other person.
  5. Intimacy, Romance, and sex. These are important cornerstones of a long-term relationship. No matter how strong friendship is between you two, you need to nurture love and intimacy with your partner. Sustained physical contact is vital — even more so than consistent sexual intimacy is. A passionate kiss every day will do wonders for the level of intimacy that you share with your partner.
  6. Emotional support and validation. The world can be cruel, so your home must be a place of refuge for yourself and your loved one. You don’t want to be dishonest, but you do want to make sure your partner feels supported in the home sphere so they can go out into the world feeling as confident as possible, and they should do the same for you.
  7. Plan for the future. One of the best ways to ensure you will have a future with your significant other is to talk about it and plan for it. Get excited about the common goals that bring you together, and talk about your shared hopes and dreams for the future.
  8. Forgiveness and acceptance. Everyone makes mistakes, so if you ever hope to be forgiven for any of your transgressions, then you must be willing to do the same thing for your partner. This goes back to creating a safe space, a safe space that you both occupy. Certainly, that doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to major betrayals, but it does mean being fair and compassionate while expecting similar treatment in return.
  9. “Me” Time. When you love someone, it makes sense that you will want to spend every waking moment around them. But the best thing you can do for yourself, and for your relationship, is to carve out time just for yourself. Likewise, you want to give your partner the freedom to strike out on their own as well. This will create a trust between you and will allow you to both be more autonomous individuals.
  10. Familial and social integration. As the old saying goes, you don’t just marry a person, you marry their entire family. This is true to a great extent. So it’s important to learn what and who is important to your partner. Some people come from huge families that have a lot of long-standing traditions; other people come from no family at all and have built their family through long-time friendships. Whatever the case, learn what’s important and make the effort to integrate yourself into that world. Then help your partner to integrate into yours.
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