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Tips for Planning a Romantic Staycation



Many couples don’t have the extra money in their budget to plan a romantic vacation somewhere across the globe, or even a short distance away. Others can’t take the time off work that would be necessary to spend more than a weekend out of the area, and some can’t even manage that thanks to conflicting work schedules. Still others have kids to worry about and don’t want to add a babysitting fee onto typical vacation costs. That’s why many couples prefer to make plans for a romantic staycation. You don’t need to spend the night elsewhere, and you don’t even need to travel hours away for a daytrip. Change your routine and enjoy a staycation devoted to love.

Explore What the Local Area Has to Offer

You may not live in the most exciting tourist destination in the country, but chances are, there are some activities that tourists flock to when visiting the area. Start at the websites maintained by your county and surrounding areas. Look for seasonal events, museums, art galleries, and hobbyist gatherings that might interest both of you. If you can’t find something that strikes your fancy, spend the day at a park. Go for a bike ride or a jog together. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Visit a restaurant you’ve yet to try. Even the setting you’re most familiar with offers experiences you’ve yet to savor as a couple.


Put Extra Effort into Cooking Meals

If trying to save money, enjoy all of your staycation meals at home. Take turns cooking or cook meals together. Try new recipes, or each select a favorite to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make an extra effort to ensure the presentation of the meal is one-of-a-kind. Use fancier dishes, put a vase of fresh flowers on the table, and sprinkle rose petals over the surface of the tablecloth. If serving dinner, rely on candlelight or a dimmer switch to set the mood. The right music playing over a stereo or speakers can also help convey a more romantic mood.

Get a Babysitter

If you have kids, ask a relative to watch them, even if you plan to be at home during your staycation. It’s a load off to know they’re with someone who will watch over them and keep them entertained while you focus on romancing your partner. Ideally, you’ll send them to the relative’s for the weekend so they’re in a different environment while you transform your toy-strewn dining room into a place for a romantic meal, or you might sign them up for a fun community kids’ activity during your date.


See a Play or Movie

See what plays or concerts are playing in your area in the upcoming weeks when planning your staycation. You don’t have to live near a bustling theater district to have access to plays, as community theaters often have the rights to put on first-rate shows. Your local cinema can also entertain you for the evening. Treat yourself and enjoy a large-screen showing of a movie that’s of interest to the both of you. If looking for free entertainment, watch for movie showings for free in the park or rent a movie from the library and relax in your own home.

Just Talk

You may spend a lot of time together outside of work and other responsibilities, but do you often just talk, outside of asking each other how your day was? Devote at least an hour of your romantic staycation to conversation. Disclose any new goals you’ve taken on, or reminisce about fun times earlier in your relationship. Talk about the latest show you’ve binge-watched or a book one of you has read. Turn off the TV and your phones so there are no distractions; focus on one another for the entire conversation and feel reenergized.

It might seem silly to put almost as much planning into your staycation as you would a vacation, but it’ll prove worthwhile. If you can’t set aside an entire day, devote one morning, afternoon, or evening to romancing your partner from home. Staying local and enjoying each other’s company is one of the most affordable ways to break from routine and get the boost of energy and rejuvenation you need to tackle work, family life, and the social scene once your staycation is over.

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