Tips for Seeing Your First Movie with Your New Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Tips for Seeing Your First Movie with Your New Girlfriend or Boyfriend



The movies can be a great place to have a date, although some relationship experts recommend otherwise for a first date given the lack of opportunity to talk and get to know each other in the middle of a movie. But if you want to try watching a big picture on the silver screen with your new significant other, plan ahead so the date is a pleasant, memorable experience.

Compromise on the Movie Choice

If you follow your instinct to let your date choose the movie and he picks a film you don’t have any interest in seeing, don’t agree to it immediately. That’s not to say that you should never see movies only the other person wants to see, but for your very first movie date together, you want to establish a good precedent. Similarly, don’t pick a movie yourself that you think he’ll have no interest in. Choose one that you can both enjoy, whether it’s the latest blockbuster or a critically acclaimed feature. Romantic movies could be a good choice, but only if both you and your date find the previews interesting.

Offer to Buy Refreshments

Even if you usually sneak in snacks and drinks, no one wants to seem like a cheapskate so early in a relationship. Make room in your budget to buy your date refreshments. You might offer to share a large popcorn, pretzels, or nachos so your hands might touch when you both go to reach for some food. Don’t skimp on the drink, though. Buy your date her own drink. If possible, find a theater that offers dining options and even alcohol or offer to treat her to a fancier meal beforehand. You’ll feel more like you’re enjoying a night out on the town.

Lift Up the Armrest: How to Touch Your Date

Some theaters have armrests that lift up so you can sit closer to your date. Pay extra for any special features like reclining seats so you can feel extra comfy curled up beside each other. Don’t get too handsy from the start, especially if you haven’t been dating long. However, having that barrier removed between you will make you both feel cozier and allow you to more casually put your arm around your date, maybe halfway through the movie. Then check the response. If she pulls away, stop touching her for the rest of the film. If she moves in, you might try pulling her closer.

A passion for films can be one of the interests you two share, or maybe catching a movie is just a once-in-a-while date. If the relationship progresses, you might consider a movie date at one of your homes. There’s bound to be more space on your couch to cuddle and more privacy to make out even if the movie is still playing.

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