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Top 10 Movie Meet Cutes



Nothing is better than a good meet cute — the moment when two characters destined to fall in love meet each other for the first time. In this MsMojo video, we count down the top ten movie meet cute moments.

  1. Ian Miller and Toula Portokalos from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Toula works at her parents’ diner when handsome Ian walks in and sits down in her section. She proceeds to stare awkwardly and ramble on. They meet again after her makeover, but Ian is sweet to her right away.
  2. David and Natalie in “Love Actually.” Natalie works for David and spews forth a series of profanities immediately upon meeting him, her boss. He’s the Prime Minister, no less!
  3. Steve and Mary in “The Wedding Planner.” When Mary gets her shoe stuck in a manhole cover, Steve saves her from a runaway manhole cover. She falls for him almost immediately.
  4. Don and Kathy in “Singing in the Rain.” In this classic, the two meet when Don jumps into Kathy’s car while trying to escape from a group of rabid fans. Unrealistic as it may be, it’s still adorable.
  5. Jesse and Celine in “Before Sunrise.” This classic duo eets on a train. She sits near him after she changes seats to get away from a fighting couple. The pair go on to star in several movies documenting the relationship of this couple over time.
  6. Prince Kit and Ella in “Cinderella.” This live-action remake of the classic Disney film could not be any more romantic. They meet in the forest and have a lovely conversation, not knowing who or what the other is.
  7. Will and Anna in “Notting Hill.” The famous actress walks into Will’s bookshop, and he has a crush on her immediately. He rambles on and eventually spills a drink on her. It’s no wonder she falls for his adorable bumbling.
  8. Jonathan and Sara in “Serendipity.” These two destined lovers meet when they fight over the same item around the holiday season. They bond over it and go out for ice cream together, despite both being in relationships with other people.
  9. Noah and Allie in “The Notebook.” This movie based on the novel is deeply romantic. He falls in love with her and climbs onto a Ferris wheel where she is riding with another man to ask her out. He threatens to let go until she agrees to go out with him, which she does.
  10. Romeo and Juliet in “Romeo + Juliet.” Based on the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet meet at a party, gazing longingly at one another with an aquarium between them. This iconic scene is a beautiful interpretation from the portion the play in which the young lovers are still unburdened by the stresses of their feuding families.
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