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Top 10 Ways to Heat Up the Romance



There’s nothing like the early stages of a romantic relationship. Everything is magical, and the romance seems to come naturally. It’s exciting, learning about the object of your affection, and growing together as a couple. Eventually, you will fall into routines and patterns, because even the greatest love stories cannot be sustained in that intoxicated state of falling in love. However, that doesn’t have to mean that the romance is dead! In fact, it shouldn’t mean that at all. If you find yourself falling into a bit of a slump, here are ten ways to heat up the romance.

Unplug Before Bed

First thing’s first: take the TV out of the bedroom. You should be your sweetie’s prime entertainment in that particular room. Once that is done, don’t spend the hour before sleep scrolling through social media. Rather than zoning out with the aid of some screen, why not light a candle before unwinding in bed? Maybe offer a massage, or recount the happenings of the day. You might be surprised what focusing intently on your partner before bed can lead to.

Don’t Stop Dating

Maybe you’ve been together for five years, ten, or twenty – regardless of how long the two of you have been by each other’s sides, never stop dating. Plan outings, make dinner reservations and make sure that your partner knows that they are at the forefront of your mind. It’s easy to take people for granted when there is so much else that requires our attention day to day. To keep the love alive, you need to prioritize your spouse or significant other.

Work Out Side by Side

Play a little one-on-one, go for a run or a swim, or just take a long walk in the park. Whatever you do, know that breaking a sweat stimulates the production of dopamine in your body, thereby increasing your sex drive. Exercise also helps the body to release endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that enhance mood and get the blood flowing.

And Clean Up Together Afterward

Climb into the bath together, or even share the shower, to get things steamy both literally and figuratively. If you have a big enough tub, light some scented candles, toss in a bath bomb, and let yourselves relax in the warm water, with limbs all a-tangle.

Send Flirty Text Messages

We’re all glued to our phones anyway, so why not spice it up a bit? You may already be in the habit of messaging each other every day with the minutiae of making a household run (like “please pick up some milk” or “we’re running out of toilet paper”) but why not change it up a bit? Surprise your sweetie with a sexy text that entices them.

Compliment Each Other in Public

PDA (public displays of affection) can be awkward if it means that you’re locking lips with your loved one in front of other people; however, if it means that you are warmly complimenting them, it’s a wonderful thing. It lets other people know how fantastic a person your paramour is while making them feel amazing about themselves.

Hit the Lingerie Store

Instead of donning a pair of yoga pants and an oversized tee shirt to get into bed, maybe slip into something that shows a little more skin. You don’t necessarily have to wear anything uncomfortably risqué, but a low-cut nightgown makes a nice change. If lingerie isn’t your thing, try updating your underwear — perhaps something in black, or something with a hint of lace, just to heat things up a little.

Clean Up the Bedroom

Collect the dirty laundry, make the bed, do whatever it takes to make that space feel calming and luxurious. It should be a boudoir, not just a bedroom.

Relive the Honeymoon

If time and budgeting allow, book yourselves a weekend away: find a nice hotel on the outskirts of town and hole up for a few nights, ordering room service and watching the On Demand, taking bubble baths, and whatever else comes up when all you do is spend time in a luxurious bedroom together.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are making time to focus on each other. Every once in a while, you deserve to feel like the center of someone else’s universe, and he or she deserves to feel like the center of yours.

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