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Top 5 Most Hilarious Theme Weddings


Typically speaking, most weddings look pretty much the same. Tradition dictates that the bride wear white, the groom wear a suit, the bridesmaids wear dresses they never plan to wear again, and everyone does the Electric Slide at the reception. There is something comforting in these traditions, and you basically know what you’re getting into whenever you RSVP “yes” to a wedding. Maybe there’s a variation in the food that’s served, or a slight deviation in the décor, but usually you know what it’s going to look like.

That, however, is not always the case. In some cases, attempts to stand out from the crowd have turned into total disasters, some offensive, some risqué, and some just plain bizarre. Here is a look at the top five most hilarious theme weddings on record.


Native American-themed Weddings

Cultural Appropriation is a serious recurring issue—one that comes up often around Halloween. Yet many people still can’t get it through their heads that culture is not a costume. Why then, you might wonder, would people want to turn their weddings into something so tone-deaf, so culturally insensitive? And it isn’t just one wedding: there are dozens of examples of grooms in ceremonial headdresses and little whiskey bottles dressed up as Native Americans. Some people even attended these theme weddings dressed as cowboys, indicating only that they seem to know nothing about the Native American diaspora, or have any sense of decorum whatsoever. So, maybe this theme wedding idea isn’t so much “hilarious” as it is “horrific”.


Phantom of the Opera Wedding Theme

It’s easy to understand why a couple might want to adopt the aesthetic from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-famous musical The Phantom of the Opera. It’s all very lush and Baroque, extravagant and colorful. And all of that is wonderful! Except that it’s about a deformed man who murders people in the name of making the woman he’s obsessed with a famous opera singer. And then when she starts falling for someone else, he literally kidnaps her. So unless you are trying to send a distress signal via your chosen wedding theme, maybe don’t base it on The Phantom of the Opera.


Shrek-Themed Wedding

While princess-themed weddings can be kind of a cute idea – particularly if you hold the ceremonies somewhere like Cinderella’s castle in Disney World – Shrek is something else entirely. The message of the series is wonderful: be who you truly are, and love honestly and openly. This is certainly something to be celebrated! But there is a disturbing trend of brides and grooms donning green makeup in the name of becoming Shrek and his mate, and no matter how good the makeup is, it always looks like they missed a spot here or there. Plus, it can’t be good for the skin, all that green make up. You don’t want to start your lives together with a break out.


Circus-Themed Weddings

On the best days, clowns are terrifying. Put a gaggle of them in a room and get them drunk, and you have a nightmare scenario on your hands. There is something to love about the colorful fun of a circus, and if it is done well, it could be a really beautiful theme. But subtlety is key here, and full-on clown makeup for the entire wedding party is not particularly subtle. But if you want your wedding to give people night terrors for years to come, then by all means, dress as clowns and wield knives in unison while you cut the cake. Extra points for arriving to the ceremony with your entire wedding party in a clown car.


Cosplay Weddings

When Cosplay is done well, it can be stunning, like you’ve stepped directly out of this world and into a new one. So if you are going to commit to a cosplay wedding, then you have to be prepared to spend a small fortune to make it feel authentic. And cosplay weddings are on the rise, like a Game of Thrones wedding (pictured), or a Superhero Wedding, or a World of Warcraft Wedding. But possibly the most popular cosplay wedding is Star Wars. Though it is very disturbing to see the Bride dressed as Princess Leia and the groom dressed as Darth Vader.

Regardless of how you decide to theme your wedding, you are doing it for you, and not for anyone else. There are no rules: have the wedding of your dreams.

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