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What REALLY Happens Behind The Scenes At Weddings [PHOTOS]


We’ve all taken photos before that we’re not proud of. Just think of those class photos we took as kids, or those family holiday photos with those gnarly sweaters!  Now enter wedding photos, where people will lay down thousands for the perfect photo. For many, a wedding day is the biggest most important day of their lives. It can be a time for families to showcase their economic statuses as it was in the olden days, or a simple ceremony where attendance is quaint. No matter the situation, it can be hard to achieve photographic perfection, and at times our awkwardness still shines through. These people, like us, know that no matter how hard you try, sometimes your tresses just don’t lay right, or you constantly wink in every photo. We know that there’s no escaping the awkwardness, so let’s just embrace it and take a look at some of the funniest wedding photos out there.


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